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I got this an in email yesterday and I wanted to share because I found it fascinating. While it is a little off topic, it still concerns words – or, rather, logos. “Logos” is actually Greek for the word “word,” so I think we’re in legitimate territory here. The interesting thing is, many of us never notice the pictorial element in these logos because we are so focused on the words. While I have seen almost all of these logos before, there was only one that I had previously noticed the image in (and understood it) – Amazon, probably because I am such an Amazon junkie.

So check out these logos and see how many pictorial elements you noticed before . . .

There is a white arrow between the E and the x






The second and third "T" are two people holding a chip over a bowl of salsa









The "R" in "tour" is a cyclist, the "u" is his seat and the "O" is the rear wheel











Amazon sells everything from "a" to "z"





There is a sideways kiss between the "K" and the "I"








The pink portion of the "B" and "R" indicates that they sell 31 flavors













The "G" doubles as a smiley face - or vice versa













The interlocking "N" and "W" for Northwest Airlines is also a compass with the needle pointing to the northwest





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