Repository Expository

The word “magazine” has a long history of varied uses, many of which are now obsolete. Most of these stem from the word’s root meaning of “storehouse” or “repository.”  It can refer to a place where goods or provisions are kept (especially military), a container for ammunition (as the magazine of a gun), or a large quantity of explosives. More obsolete references are to a stockpile of just about anything, to a portable container, and to an area or country rich in natural resources. At one time during the seventeenth century, the word denoted a ship that carried supplies. In more modern times it has referred to a television program in digest form on a particular topic or, most commonly, a periodical of assorted articles. A magazine in this sense is basically a small storehouse of ideas of interest to a particular group – sometimes “explosive.” I suppose this means you could refer to a warehouse where periodicals are stored as a “magazine magazine.”

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